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Let's wake up to love

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Acuarela de la mariposa 7

(By: Juan Adrián Karca)


Most of us can recognize that, in addition to manifesting ourselves in the world through a body and a mind,  each one is an inner presence or CONSCIOUSNESS that is aware of what is happening, and that can participate creatively to find solutions that benefit us  everybody.  


Therefore, we must all do something about it to emerge strengthened and not defeated from this difficult time in which we are living.


Any proposed solution must be based on LOVE, which is the only thing that can make us understand  that we must live in a social UNIT that allows each social cell (each individual) to develop their best potentials; not just a few.  


It is very important that governments and the media disseminate information and support for everything that reinforces the idea and individual experience that no one can be isolated from the solution because love is the only thing that can unite us all.  


Just as the body of any human is an integral unit, which can only function well if the individual truly loves each of his cells and organs from his conscience, without preferences between the right hand or the left hand, between the  foot and head or any organ. Then the health of the body can be perfect.


Similarly, human society is a body that also has different cells: some black, others white, others yellow; some that at this time may appear with greater benefits, others with greater limitations, but the entire social body is a unit in which we must love each of its cells in order to function well and be happy.  


We have to realize that we are unity and that we must care for and love all the different cells of that social body that we are the different individuals and beings of nature. When that happens, we can become truly human, ecological and loving with everything around us.


For this to happen in a real way, it is essential that we learn to love, realizing that love is in everything, even though at this moment we think that this is not possible.


In our group of true friends, and very surely in many other groups, there are people who have proposals that help to reach a good understanding that we are all unity and love; That is why we want to invite us to join in this inner search to awaken our conscience, so that we can discover experientially, not only in a theoretical way, that we are indeed a UNIT in LOVE and that this is within each human being, despite that many have not realized that.


I am sure that we can all achieve it if we find alternatives and helpful methods to discover and live it!

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