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By TelmoRhem

TELMO self-adhesive plate that is used adhered to electronic equipment such as computers, cell phones, tablets, printers, CPUs, etc., on one or more surfaces, depending on their size, as direct attenuators of the invisible artificial contamination that this equipment could be emanating. which can affect the person close to him, taking away energy, making him sleepy or making him sick.
They have been used for more than 12 years and are recommended by renowned bioenergetic doctors and by people who notice their benefits.

All electrical and electronic equipment (computers, cell phones, “rauters”, radios, TVs, microwave ovens, antennas and telecommunications stations, etc.) produce electromagnetic radiation that pollutes the environment. Some people are more affected than others by these radiations, which commonly begin to manifest when they do not sleep, do not rest well or get sick. The TELMO adhesive plate creates a kind of invisible protective shield that helps the most electrosensitive people to mitigate these negative effects.


Main use: Attenuate radiation.
Place of use: Surface of electrical appliances such as televisions, computers, telephones, cell phones, speakers among others.
Installation: Peel the card from the support and stick directly on the devices.


Reduce that radiation that your appliances and cell phone have with our plates. Don't let it get to you!

NOTE: PRICE FOR 10 units

10 Telmo Adhesive Plates For Electromagnetic Pollution Equipment

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