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The Biosuiche TELMO is an electromechanical timer that is installed next to the central electrical switch box of the house, interfering with the power supply circuits of the electric fluid to the bedroom to program off and on hours automatically, in such a way as to protect itself sleep and the health of sleepers.

All electrical equipment and the electrical network to which they are connected in the bedroom generate electric fields that affect sleep and the health of the sleepers, and it is advisable to disconnect them or manually turn off the central electrical control switch in that area every night. As that is sometimes cumbersome, the Biosuiche TELMO is a very practical solution. You have the possibility to deactivate it manually when for some reason it is necessary to interrupt the control program one day.

Note: Additional we offer the TELMO Bioswitch INSTALLATION service: $ 50,000 in Bogota.

Biosuiche Telmo Analog Time Switch

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