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• Author: Juan Adrián Karca
• Editorial: Friends of Truth Foundation
• ISBN: 9789584658814
• Page No.: 200

CONCIENCIAY PAZ is a small manual for daily use that helps to awaken the inner conscience with a simple internalization exercise and 365 messages to live in peace. It is based on the fact that we all have an inner teacher who has been asleep for a long time and that is why we are like mutilated birds trying to fly with only one wing, that of the mind and the external world; because that of consciousness and the inner world has not yet fully developed. To listen to the guides of our inner teacher, we must awaken the consciousness that is numbed by a mental chatter that torments us and does not allow us to realize the total reality that surrounds us; that is why we suffer and err so much.
Fundación Amigos de Verdad, develops research programs and interior search, whose recommendations we are disseminating via, from where we are inviting to participate in one way or another in the following campaigns that are detailed in the book: - I rest and sleep well , and you? - I do electrical hygiene, and you? - I don't pollute the environment, what about you? - I love and take care of my body, and you? - I also look inward, and you? -


Become aware now!

Book 365 Messages And A Daily Meditation Consciousness And Peace

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