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• Author: Juan Adrián Karca
• Editorial: Palibrio
• ISBN: 978-1-4633-9389-2
• Page No.: 166

INVISIBLE TIES is a narrative that encourages us to see the true friend that we should all be towards ourselves, with an unforeseen outcome that occurred during the taking of the Palace of Justice in Bogotá - Colombia in 1985. It aims to increase individual awareness to help create a true respect for the feminine, making use of a unique couple who, without having become husbands or lovers, share experiences as varied as intimate relationships, partner infidelity, abortion, children's sexual education, literacy, knowledge of oneself, ideals for a better world, religious fanaticism, compulsory military service and insurgent movements. More details at

- Learn to value the feminine. Read INVISIBLE TIES

- Our destiny is to leave existence a little better than when we arrived. Learn to Value the feminine and you will achieve that. Read INVISIBLE TIES.

- Never has a novel taught so much about true love towards the feminine! Read INVISIBLE TIES

- The couple relationship does not have to be possessive. Freedom and appreciation for the feminine is the best antidote. Read INVISIBLE TIES.

- Can a novel with an ending related to the taking of the Palace of Justice teach about a better appreciation of the feminine? Read INVISIBLE TIES

- INVISIBLE TIES, the story that no woman should stop reading and that every sensitive man would appreciate.

Invisible Ties Book Juan Adrián Karca

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