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1 Telmo dome plate for better sleep - sleep quality: DomoTelmo is a 10 x 10 cm plate that is mainly adhered to the roofs of buildings on a junction of the Geobiological Network or Hartman Network where a geomagnetic anomaly or very close geopathy has been detected to the bed or place of prolonged stay of the person who is suffering symptoms of poor quality of sleep or fatigue, or simply who wants to prevent them and sleep better.

It can be used in homes or offices. The DomoTelmo plate is manufactured with metallic stampings on white plastic with a protective coating and complies with the Iso and Ansi Rab manufacturing standards.

Main use: Correction of geopathies or prevention.

Benefits: Improve sleep quality and avoid chronic fatigue, mainly in electrosensitive people.

Place of use: Home or office.

Installation: It can be installed using the metal bars to find the geopathies. The product contains instructions for its correct and easy installation. We can also help you solve doubts about the installation through our service channels.

Telmo Dome Plate for Better Sleep - Sleep Quality

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