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By TelmoRhem


Personal use plate that is used hanging around the neck and at the level of the stomach (at night it is put under the pillow), as an attenuator of artificial invisible contamination coming from modern technology equipment, such as computers, cell phones, wireless telephones and others that surround the person depleting energy.

They have been used for more than 20  years and are recommended by renowned bioenergetic doctors and by people who notice their benefits.

All electrical and electronic equipment (computers, cell phones, “rauters”, radios, TVs, microwave ovens, antennas and telecommunications stations, etc.) produce electromagnetic radiation that pollutes the environment. Some people are more affected than others by these radiations, which commonly begin to manifest when they do not sleep, do not rest well or get sick. The TELMO personal plate helps the most electrosensitive people to mitigate these negative effects.

Oval plates of 5cm x 3.5cm recommended by doctors to attenuate radiation and reduce electrical stress. This plate has been used by computer operators and airplane crews since 1998, it is recommended for everyone, but especially for those people who spend a long time in front of computers at work or airplane passengers and thus eliminate radiation. Recommended by doctors to reduce electrical stress.

The plate is manufactured with metallic ink in a light material and is conveniently accompanied with a cord to be carried, it complies with ISO and Ansi Rab standards.
Main use: Attenuate radiation.
Place of use: The plate must be carried on the chest at the level of the pit of the stomach.

Installation: Just take the plate and place it on the pit of your stomach, tie the cord around your neck to adjust the distance, and wear daily.

Telmo Personal Board Electromag Pollution Attenuator

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