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More Awareness

"I AM the LOVE that enters, creates and transforms each CELL of my body, mind and environment, allowing it to go out to what no longer has a PURPOSE."

Here you will find great introspection tools to learn to better manage your mind so that you live more lucid or aware of the reality of the present moment, and are less and less affected by negative thoughts and emotions.


I DEDICATE YOU:  With much love for the world, but particularly for you, my faithful and unconditional companions in life.


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Live being fully aware of the present moment, being CONSCIOUSNESS NOW

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One teacher said:

Messages of conscience and spirituality from different mentors, teachers, leaders or gurus that help to awaken prosperous and abundant societies.
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Juan Adrián Karca.

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Wellness and Awareness Products.

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Effects of collective meditation on the planet 

The union of large groups of meditators can reduce crime, terrorism and violent deaths. This is shown by various studies.

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