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I share you  ACIM exercises in video MODULE 1

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MODULE 1 - Lessons 1 to 50 * Important: This course is under construction, the complete module has 50 lessons, but currently only the first lessons are available. By acquiring this module you will receive all 50 lessons, but these will be loaded gradually once our team  I upload them one by one. Our minimum commitment is to upload a new lesson weekly, although we are working to pick up the pace and deliver them to you more quickly. We appreciate your confidence in wanting to be part of this module despite not being complete. The main cause of human suffering is not what is happening to you at the moment, but the worrying thoughts that appear in your mind because of what is happening to you. You can learn to get rid of FIXED IDEAS, FALSE DATA and moments of past suffering that make you think that in the future you will have similar or greater difficulties. We can almost guarantee that many of your current sufferings will diminish enormously and you will feel much fuller despite the difficulties that you may be observing, because you can also see that as opportunities for a better future. The 365 lessons in A Course in Miracles Video will be offered in separate but related modules. We invite you to start right now.


COP 430,000.00


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