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Create Prosperous and Abundant Societies

Program that seeks the awakening of societies interested in LOVE and CONSCIOUSNESS ; and not selfishness and unconsciousness.

  • In today's society, almost everyone, due to their unconsciousness, sees defects and flaws in others.

  • It's hard to see our own flaws because we don't realize that the people we interact with are mirrors of ourselves. 

  • The wisdom of CONSCIOUSNESS will help us to recognize what is truly important so that
    Let's ALL live better and better.

Trabajo en equipo
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Como entidad sin ánimo de lucro nuestro proyecto busca:

As a non-profit entity, our project seeks:

Raise awareness in the community and new leaders to the development of plans, programs or projects aimed at peace, entrepreneurship, culture and spirituality.

Carry out internalization and meditation activities that generate a change in attitude and that enable habits of peace and social cooperation.

Enable face-to-face and virtual courses that promote meditation as an essential awareness tool.


Manage resources for the development of programs aimed at young people and children for the prevention of the consumption of hallucinogenic substances and the mitigation of all types of addictions.

Channel state and private resources to create prosperous and abundant societies that generate a more BEAUTIFUL world: Beautiful, Ethical, Free, Laborious and Organized.

Organize inner training and meditation programs for vulnerable populations that need tools for self-knowledge, healing and responsibility.  

Implement entrepreneurship programs.

Promote higher education programs.

Promote mindfulness tourist scenarios that stimulate the economy of the communities.

Improve the quality of life of the communities for the common welfare; and the reconstruction of the social fabric.

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